Hello Loves!

There are so many ways to make strawberry shortcake and this is just one way that I make it (I will share other ways later). I started making the personal cakes because when I made a full cake, it would never get finished. With these personal cakes, they are eaten in a flash and I’m being asked to make more.


You will need:
* box of your favorite cake mix – I use the Betty Crocker yellow cake
* muffin pan(s)
* about 20 to 30 strawberries (for 12 cakes)
* 2 – 8oz. tubs of Cool Whip
* knife, spoon or spatula, plate to put your finished cakes on


Start by preparing your cake by following the directions on the box.
You will just be putting the mix into your muffin pan instead of a cake pan.

While your muffins are baking, cut up your strawberries… I usually cut them into semi-thin slices, as you can see in the photo below, but it’s really all based on your preference.

By the time you’re done cutting up your strawberries, the muffins should be ready to come out of the oven. Let them cool for about 5 minutes, they will be easier to cut open and we don’t need any burnt fingers.

When the muffins are cool enough to touch, cut off the tops, making the cake as even as you can. (There is never a good reason to waste cake, so I usually cover the tops with a little bit cool whip and strawberries.)
Flip the muffin upside down and cut it in half horizontally.

Now for the fun part…
I put about a tablespoon of cool whip on the larger (bottom) part of the muffin, then place a layer of strawberries, and another tablespoon of cool whip. Put on the top of the muffin, then add a tablespoon of cool whip and another layer of strawberries.

Lately, this has been my ending point, but I used to cover the whole outside in cool whip, but that is up to you. Again, it’s completely based on your preference. Either way, that’s it. Easy, right?

I think that this is one of the easiest ways to make a delicious strawberry shortcake. It really doesn’t take that long to make and put together. The best part is that everyone gets their own.