Hello Loves!

My lips have been extremely chapped lately, I don’t think that they have ever been this bad, so I have been looking for a great product to give them back their moisture…

Let’s remember that everything in life is trial and error.

I was shopping at ULTA and I came upon this product called the Deep Wrinkle, Hydrogel Lip Treatment by a company called Miss Spa. It looked interesting and was only $6.99, so I figured what do I have to lose…

The Miss Spa website explains the product like this: The advanced hydrogel material virtually melts on skin, allowing the concentrated moisture-boosting serum to penetrate deeply for maximum absorption. This unique restorative treatment is enriched with caviar extract and sodium hyaluronate to deliver supreme hydration to dry, low-volume lips. The look of fines lines is visibly diminished, promoting a look of youthful fullness around the entire delicate lip area. Use weekly to achieve the ultimate long-lasting results.

I did look up reviews after I bought it, I wanted to be sure that it was okay for sensitive skin before I put it on my face. All the reviews were good; the only big complaint was that the lip piece didn’t stay in place. The mask did keep slipping down my face and I ended up having to lay down the entire time.

I only have two complaints – the time and the size! I felt 45 minutes was a long time to not be able to do anything. Yes, I got to relax but I felt like I had so much I had to do and it bothered me that I wasn’t doing it. I really wanted to try this product so I stuck it out, I would have preferred something that maybe takes only 10-15 minutes. I have pretty big lips to begin with, but the top of the lip piece was touching the bottom of my nose and the bottom was on my chin. If this product is made for low-volume lips, I can’t imagine how it would sit, I was slightly uncomfortable.

The lip piece was very slimy. It took me a minute to get it in place correctly. After about 3 minutes, I could feel the product being soaked up by my lips, it was like a cooling sensation. For the rest of the time, it just felt like slime on my face and I kept having to re-adjust because it didn’t want to stay in place.

My results were very minimal. When I took the lip piece off, I rubbed the remaining product into my lips and then went to bed. When I woke up, my lips looked better (smoother, less lines), but they felt the same. I know the packaging says to use the treatment weekly but I can’t justify 45 minutes of sitting and doing nothing.

This of course is my opinion, I would never tell someone not to buy something. I do think it was worth trying; just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.