Hello Loves!

I always feel so good about myself when my skin is healthy and happy, so I want to talk to you about a skincare collection that I love.

When I was a teenager, I never had acne or any other skin problems, but as I’ve aged, my skin obviously has changed. I am a person who breaks out from stress (which I seem to have a lot of right now – I know there’s a ton of you in the same situation) but it’s never all over my face; it is always just one or two (what I feel are always extremely large) pimples. I’ve tried everything from Proactiv to the toothpaste trick, nothing helped; then I found the Aveeno Active Naturals Clear Complexion collection. When I have a breakout, this is the only skincare that I will use.

QUICK NOTE: I use this collection specifically for when I have a breakout. I will share my everyday skincare routine in another post.

I have always loved the Aveeno lotions, so one day when I was in Target, I decided that I was going to try this collection because at the time, nothing else was working. I am so glad that I got it; it is inexpensive, hypoallergenic and in my opinion, works better than a lot of the higher end products I’ve tried. My two favorites are the daily cleansing pads ($6.99 for 28) and the daily moisturizer ($14.99 for 4 fl oz), I use both first thing in the morning and then again at night before I go to bed. The cleansing pads are dual-textured, one side is for exfoliating, and the other side is smooth to remove dirt, oil and makeup. They are pre-moistened, self-foaming and alcohol free. The moisturizer is oil-free which I love because any time I use a moisturizer or lotion with any type of oil in it, my face needs to be like squeegeed within 15 minutes and my glasses won’t stay on my face; with this product, my face doesn’t get greasy or oily at all. I don’t ever feel like my face gets too dry and I have very sensitive skin so these are perfect. I also found that when I started this routine, the pimples would be almost invisible after the first day (like no redness), whereas before using this collection, my pimples would be visible for three or four days.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive skincare routine, Aveeno is a great option. I talked about this specific collection, but they offer many others. I get my products from Target but I know that Aveeno is also sold at Walmart, Walgreens and I also believe that Amazon sells it as well.

you can find more information on all Aveeno collections here