Hello Loves!

I have gotten some questions about my lips and I thought that I would share my story. I have had my lips done but it has been a while; they were done last in 2013. I figured that I would talk about it anyway because some information could be helpful to someone who is interested in getting their lips done.

I do want to say that getting any type of plastic surgery is your choice. Don’t ever feel bad for making that choice or for not making that choice; it’s your body, do whatever you want. Lip fillers, botox, etc. might not be for everyone, but I do not regret my decision. It was something that I wanted to do, and I will probably do again. Just make sure that you are comfortable with whatever you choose to do.

At the time that I got my lips done, Steven and I were living in Fort Riley, Kansas and there were no plastic surgeons in the immediate area. After researching like a maniac, I found Dr. Jack Peterson, a plastic surgeon based out of Topeka, Kansas. It was about an hour drive to his office from where we lived, and it was so worth it. He and his staff were absolutely amazing.

My first visit to Dr. Peterson was in February 2012. I have to admit that I was a little nervous going in because I wasn’t sure if I would get the results I wanted and I didn’t want to end up with botched lips. Dr. Peterson was highly recommended, so I wasn’t worried about him messing up, but every person is different, and you never know what could happen. Seriously, my biggest fear was that I’d have an allergic reaction to the juvederm or something and my lips would explode. I always think the worst, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

When I first walked into the office, I was greeted by the lady at the desk, who gave me the paperwork to fill out. A few minutes later, another woman came out to bring me back into the treatment room and I was numbed up. I sat for about 20 minutes before Dr. Peterson came in, which was perfect because at that point, I couldn’t feel my mouth at all. He started by asking me what I was unhappy with and I explained that I always felt self-conscious about how my lips went down from the cupids bow. I really just wanted a lift so that it didn’t look like they drooped. I have never had thin lips, so I wasn’t looking for fuller. Before he injected anything, Dr. Peterson showed me exactly what he would be doing in order to give me what I wanted, and he absolutely nailed it. I was so happy with the result, he really did give me exactly what I was looking for and it looked so natural.

I did half of a syringe of juvederm on the top lip only. There really was minimal pain; the syringe does include lidocaine, but the extra numbing was definitely needed. All I felt when Dr. Peterson injected me was like a pressure, I didn’t even feel the needle prick. I went back to the office every 4 months for touchups, sometimes it was really just to make sure everything was still even.

The pictures below (sorry for getting so close) are what my lips look like today. There is still some residual product in my lips. They don’t look funny or anything, it’s just when I make certain expressions, you can see where the juvederm was; Steven calls them tiger lips because he thinks he’s funny.

Like I said before, whether or not to get plastic surgery is your choice. If you do plan on doing it, please make sure that you take the time to research doctors. There are so many factors when picking the right doctor for you. I always look at qualifications first and then I try to find as many patient reviews as I can. I feel that no one is going to give you a better idea about a doctor than someone who has already been a patient. I also take into consideration their office and their staff. Is the office clean? Are the people that work there friendly and helpful? Dr. Peterson’s office and staff were absolutely amazing. Any questions that I had were answered quickly and with words that I could understand. I always felt like they were looking out for me and I wasn’t even there for anything crazy. I like when you can go to a doctor, walk into their office and feel at home.

Everyone has different experiences, and this was mine… I hope some of this information was helpful.