Hello Loves!

I had a very different post planned for today but yesterday I was scrolling through an army wives Facebook group that I am part of and a post popped up that made my blood boil…

This is what it said:
My daughter (9) went to the (play area – don’t want to put the specific place) today on post. We were only there for an hour. She came out with tears running down her face telling me that a boy (age 6-7) attempted to choke her in the playhouse. He had his hands around her neck and was applying pressure to her throat to the point that it became difficult to catch her breath. I didn’t want to make a scene, so I went to management who had her son removed from the area. I was just wondering if I should have done more. Like making a report with the mp or something. Would like some advice. I just worry it could happen to a child that might not be able to fend the boy off.

I am not a parent, however if I was and this happened to my daughter, the scene I would make would end up on the news. However, I do commend this mama for keeping her cool; sometimes it is harder to stay calm, but it is the best thing to do.

Based on the information I have, the reason why I wanted to post about this is because with everything going on in the world, I don’t feel like just removing the boy was the right thing to do. Where did this boy learn this type of behavior? I don’t understand how a child of that age would just choke someone. I think that the mother or the staff should have called the MPs because no matter how old the boy was, he committed a crime. Now, I am not saying that he should be arrested, I don’t believe that at all. I think that if an MP had explained to him that what he did was wrong, he might be more inclined to listen because this is someone with authority; sometimes you just don’t care what your mama has to say.

I feel like we are living in a world where we let too much slide. I hate that kids aren’t reprimanded when they do things wrong. Maybe it is because I was raised in a way that when you did something wrong, you were grounded. You didn’t go to your room with your electronics, you went to your room with your thoughts; you had to think about what you did wrong.

I know this post was bit more of a rant, but it really bothered me that no one thought to question what the boy did, it was just waved off. I really hope that his mother did talk to him and reprimand him when they got home. We need to stop letting things like this slide. What if something worse had happened?
Enough is enough.