Hello Loves!

I am so sorry that I have been so neglectful of my site but I haven’t had any desire to blog as of late. I feel like I get a burst of “oh my gosh, I need to post” and then it just goes away. I really wanted to put all of my time into the site while my husband was away; I thought that it would be a nice distraction but it hasn’t been distracting enough.

I have been feeling a lot of different emotions lately and sometimes I do want to sit down and write something out, but then I worry that people will wonder why I think they care about how I feel. Honestly, you don’t have to care, but maybe one of you reading this does, or is feeling the same way. I remembered that I started this blog as a military wife needing to vent and now that my husband is overseas, I feel that need again. Last week, I read a quote on someone’s Instagram about how bloggers don’t all fall into one category and to just write about whatever you want… so I will.

The last few months have felt like hell… and before anyone jumps down my throat, I know there are people that have it worse than me. I am just saying that the last few months have been hard for me; my husband deploys and then I find out that I have a few serious health issues to deal with (I will discuss this in a separate post). I am coping and doing everything that I need to in order to get my health back on track but sometimes I wish that it was a little bit easier.

Well, today I turned 30 and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My mother took me to England for my birthday and I have spent the last week with my family here, which is always a blast. My family is fantastic to be around; there is truly never a dull moment. We are here a few more days and hopefully we will spend it shopping…

When I get home, I will be getting a post together about the health struggles I have been dealing with and about my time here in England. So stay tuned!